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Accounts Payable

Welcome to the UCAR Accounts Payable Home Page

The Accounts Payable department processes invoice payments, vendor contract payments, and employee reimbursements.  Check runs are Tuesday and Thursdays of each week.  Wires/ACH's are sent daily.

Vendor Information:

Please mail invoices to the attention of:

Accounts Payable Department
UCAR Budget & Finance

PO Box 3000

Boulder, CO  80307-3000

Invoices may also be e-mailed to

Contact Information:

Angie Yarbrough
A/P Supervisor

(303) 497-8859
(303) 497-8579 fax

Melissa Irwin
A/P and Travel Lead
(303) 497-2138
(303) 497-8579 fax
Bridget August
Accounting Tech III
(303) 497-8862
(303) 497-8579 fax
Toni McHugh
Accounting Tech II
(303) 497-8864
(303) 497-8579 fax

PO Contact Information:

PO#'s Contact Person
C --
D --
N Toni
P Toni
Y Toni
L Bridget
M Bridget
NOPO# --

For Questions Regarding:

Fed Ex - Bridget
Miscellaneous Questions - Bridget
Incoming Cash Receipts - Bridget
Faison - Bridget

Accounts Payable Related Procedural Guidelines:

Accounts Payable Forms:

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