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Bus, Light Rail & Eco Pass

Everything you need to know about riding bus and light rail.bus

STAFF: Pick up your UCAR-paid Eco Pass sticker from the front desk at ML, FL2 or CG1. Request a free Eco Pass eXtra sticker, too. Put the eXtra sticker on your card to receive discounts at a variety of local merchants. To view current merchant discounts, visit Use your Eco Pass to RIDE FREE on any Local, Express, or Regional bus or light rail.

VISITORS: Anyone, including short term visitors, can easily take advantage of public transportation in the Boulder-Denver area. 

EVERYONE: Check out all the RTD (Regional Transportation District) website for their trip planner, schedules, and fare information. Your public transportation options include:

Still have some questions? Contact Tranportation Services or Sustainability for help.

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