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Boulder B-cycle

Ride a B-cycle today!

Bike sharing with B-cycle means having access to hundreds of bicycles, all housed in conveniently located kiosks in popular destinations all over town - including stations at CG2 and between FLA and FL2. It's fun, econcomical, and an efficient mode of transportation.

Key Facts for How B-cycle Works:

-As a member, you will have access to an unlimited number of free 60 minute trips. 

-Overtime fees do apply to all trips over 60 minutes. The fee is $3 per every additional half-hour over the 60 minutes.

-To avoid overtime fees, simply check your bike in at any B-cycle station. Once you've checked your bike in, you can immediately check it back out to start a new trip. As long as you check your bike in every 60 minutes, you can continue to ride it for free indefinitely! 

-Click here for instructions on registration and discounts


Some Friendly Reminders on How to Check Out a B-cycle Bike:

If you have your red B-cycle card:

  1. Press the silver button located above the row of colored lights on any bike’s dock.
  2. Touch your B-card to the square behind the silver button.
  3. Remove the bike once the locks open (dock will start beeping after the bike is unlocked).

If you do not have access to your red B-cycle card:

  1. Use the kiosk screen to indicate that you would like to check out a bike.
  2. Simply decline to purchase 24-hour access at any station and provide the card on file when requested
  3. When prompted, swipe the same credit card registered with your access pass. (To update the credit card on file with Boulder B-cycle please log in to your user account at 
  4. Choose a dock number and remove the bike.


Visit Boulder B-cycle for more information about the bike sharing system.

Boulder B-cycle members can also register their memberships for use in the Denver B-cycle system at no extra charge. When riding in Denver, all Denver B-cycle rules apply, including the 30 minute free check out time.  For more information, check out the Boulder B-cycle FAQ.

Staff can sign up for UCAR-paid memberships. Discounts are available for family members of staff, visitors to NCAR/UCAR, and attendees at UCAR-sponsored conferences.


UCAR/NCAR riders on B-cycles

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