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Emergency Procedures

The Mesa Lab in the snow

For life-threatening emergencies Dial 911


Inclement Weather

UCAR makes every reasonable effort to keep its facilities at all sites in operation. However, UCAR maintains procedures for closing its facilities, if necessary, in times of inclement or severe weather. These procedures are designed to insure the safety of UCAR employees and visitors, protect UCAR property, and make possible the reopening of UCAR sites at the earliest feasible time.


Each UCAR facility is equipped with alarms that sound when smoke or heat are detected or when sprinkler waters flow. All employees and visitors must leave the building when evacuation alarms sound.

Medical Emergencies

Call x911 for medical assistance. Your 911 call will be answered by the local emergency dispatch center. When you call, state the nature of the emergency and where the injured or ill person is located (address, building and room number). Security will automatically be notified if the call was placed on a desk phone and will send a security officer to the scene to escort emergency responders to the location. A 911 call placed on a cell phone needs to be followed up with a call to UCAR security at 303-497-1139.

Large Scale Emergency Response Process

Incident responses are managed by two teams: the Rapid Response Team (RRT) and the Crisis Management Team (CMT). It is the responsibility of the Rapid Response Team to determine whether an event triggers Crisis Management Team activation. Situations that trigger activation of the Crisis Management Team include:

  • Threats to UCAR/NCAR/UCP services, assets or employees that exceed the scope of normal problem management capabilities.
  • Probable or imminent natural disasters that may impact the UCAR/NCAR/UCP infrastructure.
  • Regional power outages in which critical offices, data centers, or other critical servers are located within that service region.

 Once activated the Crisis Management Team is responsible for:

  • Assisting the RRT Coordinator in making a decision about whether or not to implement a corporate response after a crisis is declared.
  • Assessing the broad impacts on operations, employees and assets
  • Establishing priorities for business resumption
  • Coordinating response plans to mitigate impacts
  • Providing direction and support to UCAR/NCAR divisions in the excution of their business continuity and/or recovery activities
  • Coordinating internal and external communications


The Rapid Response Team includes the following members:

  • Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer -Leader
  • IT Systems Support
  • UCAR IT Director
  • UCAR Director of FMS&S
  • Ad Hoc members as needed


The Crisis Managment Team includes the following members:

  • CMT Executive-Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • CMT Alt. Executive-Chief Financial Officer
  • CMT Coordinator-UCAR Director of FMS&S
  • CMT Ops Assistant-Manager of Security & Site Services
  • CMT Safety-Manager of HESS
  • CMT Communications-UCAR Communications Director
  • CMT Command Administrator-UCAR President Executive Assistant

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