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Emergency Procedures

The Mesa Lab in the snow

Inclement Weather

UCAR makes every reasonable effort to keep its facilities at all sites in operation. However, UCAR maintains procedures for closing its facilities, if necessary, in times of inclement or severe weather. These procedures are designed to insure the safety of UCAR employees and visitors, protect UCAR property, and make possible the reopening of UCAR sites at the earliest feasible time.


Each UCAR facility is equipped with alarms that sound when smoke or heat are detected or when sprinkler waters flow. All employees and visitors must leave the building when evacuation alarms sound.

Medical Emergencies

Call x911 for medical assistance. Your 911 call will be answered by the Mesa Lab security/front desk, which is staffed 24/7. When you call, state the nature of the emergency and where the injured or ill person is located (building and room number). Security/front desk staff will immediately notify city emergency dispatch, send a security officer to the scene, and prepare to escort emergency responders to the location.

Emergency Response Team

The Rapid Response Team determines whether or not to implement a corporate response after a crisis is declared. The team includes representatives from:

  • VP of F&A-Leader
  • FMS&S
  • F&A IT
  • Communications
  • Others as needed

The Crisis Management Team

The Crisis Management Team is responsibe for:

  • Assessing the broad impacts on operations, employees, and assets
  • Establishing priorities for business resumption
  • Coordinating response plan to mitigate impacts
  • Coordinating internal and external communications
  • Provide direction and support to UCAR/NCAR divisions in the execution of their business continuity and/or recovery activities

The team includes:

  • CMT Executive-VP of F&A
  • CMT Coordinator-Director of FMS&S
  • CMT Members:
    • Budget & Finance
    • CISL Administration
    • Communications
    • Contracts
    • F&A IT
    • FMS&S
    • General Counsel
    • HR

Lab/Division/Program Teams

Lab/Division/Program teams are responsible for tactically implementing their Business Continuity plans and communicating issues to the Crisis Management Team.



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