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4-1 Official Closures

May 2012

UCAR makes every reasonable effort to keep its facilities at all sites in operation. However, UCAR maintains procedures for closing its facilities, if necessary, in times of inclement weather or due to physical plant, grounds, or other problems. These procedures are designed to insure the safety of UCAR employees and visitors, protect UCAR property, and make possible the reopening of UCAR sites at the earliest feasible time.

For closure of Colorado permanent operations prior to the start of the workday, notice is broadcast over local commercial radio stations, email and a voice mail bulletin. For closures during the workday, notice is disseminated to key personnel by telephone and to all employees by voice mail and electronic mail systems. 

UCAR operations remote from Colorado permanent operations will conform to site or host organization policies. NCAR Wyoming Super Computing operations will operate according to Severe Weather policies and procedures developed by Computing and Information Systems Laboratory management.

Closure decisions are made on a site-by-site basis by the Vice-President for Finance and Administration with the recommendation of the Director of Facilities Management, Safety & Sustainability, in consultation with the Facilities Management and Sustainability staff. 

See the Time Reporting/Payroll policy for procedures related to accounting for time during official closures.

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