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2-11 Human Subjects Research

July 2008

UCAR's policy is to ensure that appropriate standards are followed for the ethical treatment of people who are the subject of research. The goals are to limit harm to participants in research and to protect the confidentiality and identity of individuals. An activity may constitute human subjects research when the researcher obtains data through intervention or interaction with a living individual, or identifiable private information from a living individual that the researcher intends to use in his/her research and to publish the results.

All UCAR researchers must comply with the regulations governing human subjects research. The Federal law is set forth at 45 CFR Part 46 , and the National Science Foundation's regulation is listed at 45 CFR Part 690 .

UCAR has established a Human Studies Committee (HSC) to review all proposals that may involve human subjects research.

See also the Human Subjects Research Web site for related procedures and a list of HSC members.

Contact the Vice-President for Finance and Administration for interpretation of this policy.

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