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Concur is our new web-based travel, reimbursement, and Purchasing Card (P-Card) reconciliation system. We use it to request and book travel, reconcile travel and request non-travel reimbursement and reconcile P-Card transactions. This system saves us time, money and paper.


Overview of the Process

Before we talk about Concur, you might want to learn about the overall travel process:


Learn about the overall travel process using Concur


 Getting Started and Working in Concur

There are a few things you need to know before you get started with Concur. Here is the Travel Policy and the guides to help you get started.

Travel Policy Approvals in Signature Authority
Getting Started Guides Working with Concur


Travel Coordinators and Approvers

Some Concur users have additional responsibilities within the system. Find the corresponding webpages for resources.

Travel Coordinators Approvers