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Export Contacts


UCAR Export Contacts

You can contact your Export Compliance Coordinator (ECC) or your Empowered Official (EO) for assistance in the event you are unsure or have a question regarding exports and compliance. Also, when export licenses are required, these people will assist in filing for licenses.

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Lab/Program/Dept Last Name First Name EO ECC Visual Compliance Access
ACOM Edwards Dave EO    
ACOM Ryan Debbie   ECC Yes
CGD Moran Mike EO ECC Yes
CGD Slagel Bonnie   ECC Yes
CGD Vlasity Barb     Yes
CISL Killingsworth Marcia   ECC Yes
CONTRACTS Callahan Jane     Yes
CONTRACTS Chamberlain Peter     Yes
CONTRACTS Cross Ben     Yes
CONTRACTS Gumbiner Ann     Yes
CONTRACTS Knittel Joseph     Yes
CONTRACTS Lee Justin     Yes
CONTRACTS Litwin Stacy     Yes
CONTRACTS Lord Leisa     Yes
CONTRACTS Mayfield Adam     Yes
CONTRACTS McKeehan Stephanie     Yes
CONTRACTS Propes Alison     Yes
CONTRACTS Smith Amy     Yes
CONTRACTS Sullivan Jessica     Yes
CONTRACTS Taberski Gina   ECC Yes
CONTRACTS Wild Justin     Yes
COSMIC Ector Dave EO    
COSMIC Metts Rebecca   ECC Yes
COSMIC Moore Ingrid     Yes
COSMIC Schreiner Bill EO    
COSMIC Summers Ayesha     Yes
EOL Sherman Rochell   ECC Yes
EOL/RAF Albright Gerry EO   Yes
FANDA Miller Melissa     Yes
HAO Knack Amy   ECC Yes
HAO Tomczyk Steve EO    
HR Carr Laurie   ECC  
LOGISTICS Lujan Joe EO   Yes
LOGISTICS Rawls Tamatha     Yes
LOGISTICS Rittner North   ECC Yes
MMM Marwitz Kris   ECC Yes
MMM Morgan Kathy EO    
NCARDIR Fisher Paula     Yes
NCARDIR Holzhauer Vicki     Yes
NWSC Sullivan Jerome   ECC  
OGC Kennedy Chris     Yes
OGC McClellan Meg Sr. EO   Yes
OGC Pritchard Sarah     Yes
OGC Sundvall David   ECM Yes
RAL Dunnebecke Joanne   ECC Yes
RAL Foote Brant EO    
RAL Houliston Dara     Yes
UCP Kimayeva Lana EO ECC Yes


EO = Empowered Official
ECC = Export Compliance Coordinator
ECM = Export Compliance Manager


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