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UCAR’s business automobile liability insurance provides secondary coverage for bodily injury or property damage to others and includes: any auto, hired and /or non-owned automobiles (rental, leased, GSA, NSF, UCAR-owned, and personally owned vehicles). This coverage is provided for UCAR employees and its other authorized drivers while driving on UCAR business. In UCAR’s business insurance deductibles may apply and are payable by the program. Injury to an employee involved in an automobile accident while driving on UCAR business is covered through UCAR’s Workers' Compensation program.

When driving a personal vehicle on UCAR business, the traveler's personal automobile insurance provides primary coverage. UCAR will not pay or reimburse for costs associated with personal insurance deductibles or claims.

When driving a US Government owned vehicle, liability insurance is provided by UCAR's insurance carrier, however, no vehicle physical damage coverage is provided. If GSA bills UCAR for any auto physical damage, the division or program to which the vehicle is assigned will be charged for the repairs.

When UCAR supported travelers are driving domestic Hertz, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, or National rental vehicles, primary insurance coverage is provided through the rental contract and included in the rental cost. When not using one of these five contracted car rental agencies, the supported traveler’s personal insurance is primary and UCAR's Business Auto policy and Commercial General Liability provides secondary coverage. No additional insurance will be reimbursed to the traveler. If additional coverage is purchased by the travelers it is a personal expense.  For international rentals, additional coverage should be accepted related to protection of the vehicle and occupants, and is reimbursable. Personal effects coverage is not reimbursable. Using UCAR's US Bank VISA Travel Card for payment provides limited primary damage coverage. Depending on the rental location, State law may require the rental agency to provide primary minimal liability coverage. When not using any of the five preferred car rental agencies a renter's personal insurance will be considered primary. Secondary coverage only applies after primary insurance is exhausted. In order for UCAR's insurance coverage to be in effect UCAR employees and non-employees on official UCAR business must rent or lease in UCAR's name, not that of an individual.

Rental cars should be visually inspected before rental, and any damage noted on the rental agreement.  Upon return the cars should be re-inspected so that UCAR can avoid being held responsible without just cause. In case of an accident while using a rental car on official UCAR business, travelers must immediately report the accident to the police, the rental car agency, their supervisor, UCAR’s Safety office, and UCAR’s Insurance Office. Copies of filed accident reports must be submitted to the UCAR Insurance Office. If the accident results in serious injury or death, the Insurance Manager and/or the Associate Vice-President for Business Services must be contacted immediately.

If travelers use rental cars for a combination of UCAR business and personal travel, they are responsible for having adequate insurance coverage for the period of their personal use (through personal insurance or through the rental agency). Travelers are reminded, however, that the cost of insurance for personal use of rental vehicles and for business use when traveling in the U.S. is not a reimbursable expense.

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