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Shipping Procedures


  • ALL persons requiring Logistics Operations shipping services MUST complete a shipping questionnaire (Domestic, Hazmat, International as applicable) before the shipment will be sent.
  • ALL shipments must have an internal reference account number (corporate or personal) for billing.
  • Logistics Operations will NOT accept any shipments without an account reference, and will also NOT accept any “Bill Recipient” or “Bill Third Party” shipments. These must be taken to a UPS store or a FedEx Office store for processing.
  • ALL staff wanting to ship personal packages must provide their own packing materials and do their own packaging. 


Domestic Account Information
All domestic UCAR shipments must include:

  1. An account key.
  2. Name of the employee responsible for the package.
  3. All shipments requiring a vendor to use the UCAR account number MUST be done through Logistics Operations.
  4. Please complete the Domestic Shipping Questionnaire.

International Shipping Procedure

  1. Notify Logistics Operations well in advance of international shipments, and provide a valid UCAR program account number).
  2. Anyone participating in international field projects must complete an International Shipping Questionnaire prior to export for the determination of any needed export licenses.
  3. Anyone wanting to do any international shipment MUST read and understand the UCAR Export Policy and Regulations.
  4. It is UCAR Policy (See - III. Procedures, Article H.) that ALL exports be processed through Logistics Operations and that an International Shipping Questionnaire be completed first (this includes document exports as well as articles).
  5. Logistics Operations is NOT responsible for any exports completed by persons outside of Logistics Operations. This includes regulatory compliance and recordkeeping requirements.

Hazardous Materials Procedure

  1. The Shipping of hazardous materials is highly regulated. Some articles may be easy to spot as hazmat, such as a poisonous gas or Nitric acid. Some articles may be less obvious, such as the can of spray paint you bought at the hardware store.
  2. If you are uncertain whether something qualifies as a hazardous materials shipment, please notify Joseph Lujan, x8523. All hazardous materials shipments MUST be prepared by trained/certified personnel ONLY, using only approved packaging.
  3. Please compete the HazMat Shipping Questionnaire.

Personal Domestic Shipping Procedure

Employee personal shipping and receiving guidelines:

Employees may use UCAR Shipping and Receiving for reasonable and limited amounts of personal use. Personal shipments that are received by our staff must have the name of the recipient clearly labeled on the outside of the package and be marked “Personal and Confidential.” All packages received will be opened, unless they are marked “Personal and Confidential.”

UCAR Logistics Operations does not accept liability for damage to any personal shipments.

Any package that contains illegal contents or materials, or that violates UCAR policy, or has a suspicious purpose, may be held for further investigation. Violation of the law or UCAR policies may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

  1. Employees may ship personal domestic items through UCAR.
  2. All personal shipments processed through logistics must be accompanied by a completed shipping questionnaire 

  3. Employees are responsible for all charges associated with shipping of personal items. 

  4. Employees must provide Logistics Operations with their personal employee identification number for any personal domestic shipment.
  5. Off-site use of shipping services is prohibited.  For example, employees may not use a FedEx drop at a non-UCAR location to ship personal items.

Personal International Shipping Procedure

  1. Personal international shipments are prohibited.

Please contact  Joseph Lujan x8523 with any shipping questions.

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