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To schedule a move or order any moving supplies, please complete the Move Request Form.


Move Instructions:


If you currently have plants please move them yourself.

Please move all personal wall pictures.

If you have any personal items that are of high dollar or sentimental

value, please take them home.

The movers will NOT be liable for damage to

any personal items.


Every item to be moved MUST have a label on it.

Make sure that you mark your name,

what room (or cubicle) you are moving to, or "STORAGE".

If you want to eliminate items, mark them "EXCESS".

If you want to archive files, mark them "ARCHIVE".

If you plan to archive, please notify Laura Hoff  of the number of

archive boxes and archive forms you need.

You MUST notify Laura Hoff x 1181 in advance of any archiving.


Older style desks: Pack all contents of the desk into the boxes that will be provided.

Sit-Stand desks: Make sure to lower the desk to the lowest setting and unplug.

If you have a panic button, have security disconnect prior to the move.

Remember to label the desk, all modular or side pieces, and the boxes

with your information!

File Cabinets:

ALL lateral files MUST be completely emptied.

ALL 2 drawer files MUST be completely emptied.

All vertical files MUST be completely emptied

All file cabinets are moved on their backs.

Lock the files if you have keys. Keep the keys where YOU can find them.


ALL bookcases MUST be completely emptied.

ALL shelves MUST be taped together and labeled.

Shelving hardware MUST be placed in an envelope or palstic bag and taped

to the bookshelf.

Large Metal Supply Cabinets:

ALL cabinets MUST be completely emptied, and the shelves removed and


Computers/Office Machines:

All computers must be completely disconnected.

The movers will move computer components in special, SPEEDPACKS

You do not need to do any packing except that cables, mice, mousepads, etc.

should be packed in keyboard bags that will be provided.

Remember to label ALL computer components, and the related boxes with

 your information!

Copy Machines:

If the copier you use is under lease or warranty restrictions concerning

moves, please notify your vendor and Logistics Operations prior to the move.

Otherwise, disconnect from power source, and remove toner.

Movers will use protective pads.

Remember to label ALL copiers, and any paper boxes with your


Disassembled Modular/Misc. Items:

Remember to label ALL modular components, and the related hardware

with your information! This includes all items that are un-boxable, which

includes all items that are too long or odd-sized and cannot fit into the

boxes that are provided.

If you need a special sized box, please notify Logistics Operations.

If not, special care will be given to each piece.

Boxes are stacked when moved or placed in storage. Therefore, please do

not overpack. Make sure all flaps are closed and sealed on top and bottom.

Make sure that anything that is breakable is protected. 

Label all boxes on the short end, not the top.

All moving costs, and moving materials such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, foam, etc.

will be assessed to the move fund.

All temporary worker costs will be the responsibility of each individual

program,. Logistics Operations does not offer packing services.

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