The goal of the compensation team is to develop and administer a compensation philosophy that attracts, retains and motivates employees.  We strive to develop compensation strategies that support the strategic goals within the organization.


Your HR Compensation Team offers expertise in:

Evaluation of Job Duties   |   Job Classification  |  Salary Surveys   |   Hiring and Promoting Decisions

Trends and Changes   |   Regulatory Guidelines

Submit requests for position description requisition approvals and reclassifications to


LuAnna Allapowa, Compensation Manager, x8718

Laurie Chavez, Compensation Analyst, x8717

Brianne Hancock, Compensation Analyst, x8708

The Reclassification Moratorium Period:  July 1, 2017 through October 8, 2017



Policy Procedures

Reclassification Form

General Guidelines

Reclassification SLA (Service Level Agreement)

HR Scorecard 1st Quarter 2017

HR Scorecard 4th Quarter & YearEnd 2016

Position Description (PD) Tools

Position Description Form (Word Document)
Duties Statements: Action Words
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Descriptive Instructions

Policies and Procedures
Section 6 - Human Resources 

6-13 Compensation and Benefits Policy

Find information regarding:

Salary Ranges
Job/Position Evaluation
Nonexempt/Exempt Status
Annual Performance Appraisal and Salary Changes
Setting Pay for New Employees
Equity Adjustments
Premium Pay,
Benefits, and
Salary Disputes

Quick Links (internal only)

Salary Range Listing

Job Family Matrices

Job Groups/Ranges

Performance Appraisal Instructions

Employee Performance Appraisal Form
Ladder Track Scientist Appraisal Form

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

US Department of Labor



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