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The Paladina Health Clinic is provided as an additional service for employees and their dependents enrolled in UCAR’s Cigna Health Insurance Plan.  Paladina Health employs the medical home model focusing on physician-patient relationships and increasing access to a personal Primary Care Physician.  Across the nation, the patient-centered medical home model is increasing in popularity because of these powerful benefits.

Among the many benefits of a physician-patient approach, employees and their dependents receive 24/7 access to their personal Paladina physician by phone and email, flexible appointment availability (including same day appointments), and two convenient clinics located in Boulder and Broomfield.  Additional clinics are located throughout the Denver area.

This benefit is optional and all UCAR employees and their dependents who are currently enrolled in the Cigna High Deductible Health Plan are eligible to enroll free of charge.  Initially the option will be available in the Boulder/Denver area, and as Paladina opens more clinics across the country, UCAR employees and their dependents covered by Cigna may enroll in Paladina. Employees may join at any time of the year.

The clinics will offer employees and dependents higher quality, more convenient care at no additional cost. Key features include:

  • 24/7 access to your personal Paladina Health physician
  • Schedule same or next-day appointments for urgent needs
  • Experienced primary care physicians
  • Convenient near-site primary care clinic locations in Boulder and Broomfield
  • No additional out of pocket costs
  • Continued access to other providers
  • Patients guided to outside providers when needed

Why Cigna Only?

The Kaiser HMO plan provides participants with similar services within its own network, so employees enrolled in UCAR’s Kaiser plan are not eligible to participate in Paladina Health.

View FAQ about Paladina Health

To learn more about Paladina Health, read the doctor's biographies, read more FAQ and to enroll, visit the Paladina Health site.

If you prefer a paper enrollment form, visit the Forms Library.  Enroll online now!

Questions?  Please call one of the UCAR Benefits staff listed below:

CONTACT NAME                                       PHONE NUMBER                                        EMAIL ADDRESS

Irena Haimsky 303-497-8706
Alyssa Fronk
Laurie Carr

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