Benefits Eligibility by Appointment Code

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Benefits Eligibility by Appointment

  ---------------Appointment Code---------------
  R1/T1 R2/T2 T3/T4 C
Medical/dental insurance1 Yes Yes No No
Life insurance2 Yes Yes No No
Travel accident insurance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic accident insurance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional accident insurance Yes Yes

if .5 FTE or >

No No
Holidays3 Yes Yes Yes No
Vacation/Sick OR PTO Leave3 Yes Yes No No
Long-term disability2 Yes Yes

if .44 FTE or >

No No
Education Assistance3, 4 Yes Yes No No
TIAA-CREF (Retirement annuity)2 Yes Yes No No
Credit Union Yes Yes

if .25 FTE or >

No No
Workers' compensation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Security/Unemployment compensation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dependent care assistance Yes Yes Yes Most benefits
Flexible spending accounts Yes Yes No No
Financial planning Yes5 Yes5 Yes5 No


NOTE: This chart is a general description of benefits by appointment code; it is not intended to be complete and, therefore, may be inaccurate as it applies to specific employment situations. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following: benefits are prorated for part-time employees; employees on leaves of absence may be eligible for certain benefits depending on the type of leave; employees holding certain types of appointments contribute to or pay the full cost of some benefits. Consult the UCAR Benefits Manual or contact the UCAR Benefits Department for more information.

1 Employee premiums are based on the employee's appointment code and FTE.
2 Amount or level of benefit/coverage is based on the employee's salary.
3 Level of benefit is based on the employee's FTE.

4 Not available to Visitors, Casuals or Student Assistants (C, T1 or T2).

If appointment or service is 2 years or more.

March 2014 

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