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International Airfare Guideline When Using U.S. Government Funding

March 2013
  1. The Fly America Act requires the use of U.S. flag carriers when available for U. S. government funded travel. With the many code sharing arrangements among airlines, compliance can be both complicated and difficult to monitor. Therefore, it is recommended that travelers email or call Cain Travel directly to make airfare reservations for any international travel.  For international airfare to be reimbursed the Federal Travel Regulations require that UCAR employees and visitors use U.S. flag carriers / U.S. flag carrier code share flights. Consistent with government regulations all funds received by UCAR are treated as U.S. government funds.

    Allowable exceptions are identified on the UCAR Waiver Checklist. pdf

  2. UCAR has contracted with Cain Travel; use of Cain Travel is strongly encouraged, although not mandated for UCAR employees. In an effort to ensure compliance with the Fly America Act, an agreement has been secured from the contracted agency; Cain Travel will certify to UCAR that international airfare has been booked in compliance with the Fly America Act. If Cain Travel issues a non compliant ticket they will be liable for the cost not the traveler.
  3. All UCAR sponsored international travel funded by U. S. government funding by non-UCAR employees is required to be booked through UCAR’ s contracted agency Cain Travel (including visitors, workshop and meeting participants, consultants, invited speakers, etc.).
  4. UCAR employees who do not use Cain Travel for their Non U.S. flag carrier international airfare funded by U. S. government funding which will require an exception to the Fly America Act must use a professional travel agent.   The UCAR traveler must inform the professional travel agent in writing that the ticketing must be compliant with the Fly America Act.  The professional travel agent must properly certify and sign the UCAR Waiver Checklist at the time the airfare is booked. This must be done in compliance with the Fly America Act and the agent must provide adequate documentation in writing as to why it qualified for one of the UCAR Waiver Checklist exceptions.
  5. If the UCAR Waiver Checklist exemption is not signed by a professional travel agency, the traveler will not be reimbursed for the non U.S. flag carrier airfare segment. The amount deducted will be the actual cost for the non compliant airfare. If actual is not available, the deduction will be determined based on the lowest available airfare on the same airline for the same Point A to Point B as of the time the travel voucher is submitted for payment in the Travel Office. UCAR travelers can not certify the UCAR Waiver Checklist for exceptions to the Fly America Act.
  6. Flights originating from foreign countries and flying to the U.S. can usually be booked on a U.S. flag air carrier or a U.S. flag carrier code share.  There are many U.S. flag air carriers and U.S. flag code shares now available for international travel. U.S. flag carrier code share require that payment must be received by the U.S. flag carrier, not the foreign partner. In order for a flight to be in compliance with the Fly America Act, the code of a U.S. flag carrier must be noted as part of the flight number on the airline ticket.

List of U.S. flag air carriers that offer international flights on the Cain Travel Web site.

Remember that Canada and Mexico are foreign countries.

  1. There are several benefits to using Cain Travel. The agency will:
    • Ensure that international airfare is compliant with the Fly America Act and UCAR Travel Policy
    • Direct bill to UCAR
    • Assist with booking hotels and car rentals
    • Emergency Assistance: If you need help with travel changes or other problems, it's available toll free around the clock, around the world. Phone number will be provided with your itinerary.
  1. Contact information for UCAR’s contracted agency Cain Travel


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Travel Request Email

David Kaylor
6a - 3p Mtn Time

Kathy Sommers
830a - 530p Mtn Time

Lori SoRelle
9a - 6p Mtn Time

Nadine Alexander
7a - 4p Mtn Time

Liz Skalak
1230p - 6p Mtn Time (Tu-Fr)


Please contact Angie Yarbrough, ext. 8859

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