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Wildfire Mitigation at NCAR's Mesa Lab

Project Complete. Thank you for your patience while wildfire risk mitigation forestry was in progress.

NCAR’s Mesa Lab, with its spectacular perch on 450 acres of forested land above town, is located in an area vulnerable to wildfire. After decades of fire suppression, forest cover on the mesa had become substantially denser than the historic forest.

In fall 2011, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), which manages NCAR on behalf of the National Science Foundation, owner of the Mesa Lab property, began a two-year program to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and improve the mesa forest and grassland ecosystem. 
(Read more about NCAR and UCARNSF, or public access to NCAR's mesa campus and trails.)

  • Phase I (fall 2011) – forest thinning and the removal of dead, dying, and diseased trees around NCAR’s Mesa Lab and Fleischmann Building.
  • Phase II (spring-autumn 2012) – additional forest thinning (units 1C, 2 and 2A). A prescribed grassland fire was planned but due to unfavorable conditions was postponed indefinitely.

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Learn more 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
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For more information, contact:

Rachael Drummond, NCAR/UCAR Public Affairs Manager

Matt McMullen, Director, Facilities Management & Sustainability 

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