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Travel Application Release Notes


Application:               Travel Authorization Application
Release Number:       2013.11.1.1
Release Date:             November 1, 2013


The release notes summarize the latest enhancements available for the travel authorization application.  This release includes the following added or enhanced features:

Business Rules for Indirect Keys / President’s Council Approval Changes

·         Added business rule to require President’s Council approval for travel on indirect account keys.  An error is displayed at the top of the screen in red for the user and an error icon appears on the Approval tab


View Trip Screen Improvements

·         Added the following travel information to the view trip page:  Trip Purpose, Foreign Trip Designation, Itinerary, Financial Details, Attachments, Approver List, Workflow Details

The email sent to approvers has remained unchanged and contains a link to the enhanced view trip screen.


After clicking the link, the approver is taken to the view trip screen.  Red arrows indicate new data added to screen.


·         Fixed issue on attachment tab where users would add an attachment but the grid would not display the attachment (refresh of browser page).

·         Added “Attach” to the left menu bar and “Add Attachment” to action menu for users to add attachments while in any status.  Users no longer prohibited from adding attachments while the trip is in a routed status.


“Acting for” in Signature Authority and President’s Council Approver Lists

·         Added “Acting For ….” in approval lists to help users identify and select the appropriate acting authority.

·         Changed the application so only one travel signature authority approver can be selected per key.

·         Resending of email to remind approvers that have not approved a trip changed from 24 hours to 72 hours.  Approvers will now receive reminder emails on trips they have not approved 72 hours after the initial submittal by the travel arranger.  When the reminders are sent, approvers must use the most recent approval email (not the original) to approve the trip.


·         Fixed issue when a trip advance was added to a trip it would blank out the event code.

·         Fixed issue if an event was added by mistake, you can now blank out the advance on the edit trip page and it will remove the event for the trip after the trip is saved.

Travel Status Report (UCREPOST)

·         The workflow details section enhanced to show the cancel trip details along with the main workflow details.

Voucher Status Displayed in Status Fields on Home and Search Grids

·         The voucher status is now displayed in the status field on the home and search page results.

Voucher Link

·         Added Travel Arranger Name to be included when downloading a voucher via the voucher link for a trip.

·         Added the Traveler printed name in the approval section of the voucher.

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