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Welcome to the Travel Office Home Page

This location is designed to assist staff and administrators in arranging and/or processing travel for UCAR travelers.  Please let us know what we can do to assist you with processing Travel Authorizations and Travel Vouchers for expense reimbursements.

Travel Office Staff
Our staff is available to help you at any time during business hours. 

Angie Yarbrough
Travel Supervisor

(303) 497-8859
(303) 497-8579 fax

For Divisions support by each Travel Specialist, see the Budget & Finance Accounts Matrix

Carole Kelemen
Travel Audit Specialist
(303) 497-8861
(303) 497-8579 fax 
Jessica Moores
Travel Audit Specialist
(303) 497-8852
(303) 497-8579 fax 
Maddy McCowan
Travel Audit Specialist
(303) 497-8576
(303) 497-8579 fax 

'How To' Instructions:

redball.gif Attachment Instructions for Travel Application
redball.gif Making Comments on Travel Authorization Emails
redball.gif Signature Authority Approver Instructions for Travel Web Application
redball.gif Split Key Instructions for Travel Web Application 

Travel Policies & Procedures

redball.gif Travel Policy & Procedures

redball.gif Staff Relocation Guidelines
redball.gif Federal Employee Travel Guidelines 
redball.gif UCAR Travel Policy & Procedure Comparison to Federal Travel Regulations