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Boulder B-cycle

Ride a B-cycle today!

Boulder B-cycle is designed to provide convenient access to bicycles for short trips as well as recreation around Boulder.  Bike sharing is fun, economical and an efficient mode of transportation which is a great addition to Boulder and UCAR/NCAR.  

Bike sharing with Boulder B-cycle means having access to hundreds of bicycles in Boulder and Denver, all housed in conveniently located kiosks in popular destinations - including stations at CG2 and between FLA and FL2.

The first half hour of each ride is free, with a fee for additional time ($3/half hour) charged to you.  This means that you could, for example, grab a bike at Center Green or Foothills, ride to Twenty Ninth Street and return the bike at a station there, eat lunch or shop, and then grab another bike for the return trip. All at no cost when the bike is returned on time.  Keep in mind that there remains no wait time between rides.  Users wishing to take longer rides can, as always, simply check their bikes in at any station, then immediately check them back out to start a new trip.

Boulder B-cycle members can also register their memberships for use in the Denver B-cycle system at no extra charge. When riding in Denver, all Denver B-cycle rules apply, including the 30 minute free check out time.  For more information, check out the Boulder B-cycle FAQ.

Staff can sign up for UCAR-paid memberships. Discounts are available for family members of staff, visitors to NCAR/UCAR, and attendees at UCAR-sponsored conferences.

Click here for instructions on registration and discounts.  Visit Boulder B-cycle for more information about the bike sharing system.

UCAR/NCAR riders on B-cycles

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