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6-12 Work and Family

July 2010

UCAR seeks to support employees in achieving a successful balance between work responsibilities and family life.  Consistent with the effective and efficient operation of UCAR, employees may request leaves of absence, flexible work alternatives, paid time off, or other accommodations, including those under the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Colorado Parental Involvement Act. Employees must obtain appropriate approvals for time off, flexible work alternatives, and other accommodations made for work and family reasons.

See the Work and Family Procedures.  See also the NCAR Scientific Appointments and Compensation and Benefits policies.

Contact the Director of Human Resources for interpretation of this policy.

Affiliated Procedure(s) or Guideline(s):

July 2010

UCAR recognizes that to be most effective at work an employee should be able to achieve a balance with home life and personal needs.

It is the employee's responsibility to successfully perform the duties of his or her job and to seek alternative work schedules if and when needed.  Supervisors are expected to assist employees in managing the relationship between work and family.  Human Resources staff may be consulted regarding benefits questions and options or to discuss work/family concerns.  Employees are also encouraged to access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for outside and confidential information and/or counseling.

There are numerous options available to employees when an accommodation is needed to manage their work time in a manner different than originally agreed to.

Leaves of Absence

See Leaves of Absence policy and procedures and UCAR Benefits Manual.

Flexible Work Alternatives

Flexible work alternatives can be considered on an individual basis. Some jobs lend themselves to a flexible work schedule more than others, and success depends upon the nature of the work and of the employee. These work arrangements are contingent on staff coverage being sufficient to consistently meet the operating requirements of the laboratory or program, and upon satisfactory job performance.

Employees utilizing flexible work alternatives are expected to fulfill the responsibilities of their jobs. The employee and the supervisor establish in advance the method of assessing performance.


To request a change in scheduled work hours or location, an employee should provide a written request to his/her supervisor with: a) the proposed work plan, b) reason for the request, and c) an evaluation of the anticipated affect on work flow, customers and fellow employees.  If the supervisor approves the plan, he or she will seek approval of the NCAR Associate Director or UCAR/UCP Program Director. A copy of approved flexible work arrangements must be submitted to the Human Resources Department for placement in an employee's personnel file.

Flexible Work Schedule Options

Note: Special conditions apply to the development of flexible work schedule arrangements for nonexempt employees due to overtime pay requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Nonexempt employees may not schedule more than 40 hours of work per workweek as part of their regular flexible work schedule arrangements. When operational needs dictate, supervisors may approve (in advance) overtime work for nonexempt employees on flextime schedules.

Flextime: A schedule by which an employee may start work at a time of his/her discretion on a daily basis within specific limits dictated by the needs of the job, and while completing his/her regular work each week, according to his/her FTE.

Flexiplace (Remote Workplace, Telecommuting): The latitude given employees to perform part of their job duties at home or at another approved site. (Field deployments are not flexiplace arrangements.)

It is especially important in flexiplace arrangements that job requirements and performance standards and accomplishments are clearly documented and well understood by both parties. Refer to Remote Workplace Agreement Guidelines for information on developing a remote workplace agreement.  

In these arrangements safety at the approved offsite work location is the responsibility of the employee. The Safety and Site Services department staff may conduct safety briefings and site visits as appropriate.

Job Sharing: A position is filled by two individuals, each working an established part of the position.

Compressed Work Week: A full-time, 40-hour-per-week job worked in four ten-hour days, or four nine-hour days and one four-hour day.

Voluntary Reduced Work Time: The option to reduce work hours and FTE for a specific period of time.  Human Resources should be consulted for the effect on benefit rates.

Paid Time Off

UCAR provides its employees with a generous paid time off package that may be used at the employee's discretion, with approval from the supervisor. See UCAR Benefits Summary for more information.

Dependent Care Assistance  

UCAR provides assistance to those employees with dependent care needs.

A Flexible Spending Account Plan allows for eligible employees to pay a portion of dependent care expenses on a pre-tax basis. (See UCAR Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.)

Resource and referral information is available for child and adult/elder care issues through UCAR's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and/or Work Options .

Please contact Human Resources for assistance with any of these benefits.

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